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Odoo itself is always growing, every year we get a newer odoo version with some amazing features Often, clients are also looking forward to migrating to a newer version of Odoo from the existing one to get an advanced system.

Odoo is evolving so as our team, that’s why we offer Odoo migration services to cater to business leaders who are looking for the most advanced ERP solution.

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In the migration process, our team will keep in mind database upgrade as well as code upgrade as we make sure that the data will be backed up for all the modules and the same database before migrating to the updated version. This process helps us to revive and retrieve the data in case the migration fails or any other issue.

Once the migration process is successfully done, we always take a look at the functionality that matches the original solution. In case it fails, we will do all the necessary changes which require.

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For the code upgrade, older versions of odoo codes are accessed through an online code manager such as custom-addons like Github, Bit Bucket, SVN, etc.

Botspot Team will try with a new database for all the custom modules installation. The latest code and features from the older versions are arranged according to the requirement document provided by the valuable clients. Moreover, we also add extremely new features or redesign the solution according to the client's preferences.



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