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Project Managers at our Company have acquired great knowledge in Odoo Customization through their past experience in this field. Odoo is grown to be among the famous open-source ERP systems worldwide as it is not a fixed solution provider, is quick to learn, and changeable according to business needs.

Odoo is first in the list of ERP solutions that are most desirable for assorted business models. Odoo always allows us to customize the solution and pay for the features used by clients, that’s why it is more cost-effective than others.

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Our development team has hands-on experience in prototyping, designing, developing, testing, and deploying solutions for small and medium enterprises. We helped many small to medium-sized businesses and fortune.

As our company has a global presence, we are fairly in price, heedless of the business size.

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We are available for all kinds of customization in odoo like Qweb report, design and modification of existing reports, Creation/Alteration of views, a new API of all versions of odoo, or old API based on requests from customers.

We do customization by taking care of securities as well as master data of respected clients, we do testing at different levels while developing the modules for customization.



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