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Odoo manufacturing leads you to one-stop solutions for all your technical needs on handling each unit.

The manufacturing unit requires much software to handle their entire process from planning to the last long quality ensuring department. Odoo has functionalities to manage procedures within one single place.

In odoo, Manufacturing units can manage their following needs.

1. MRP



4. PLM



For manufacturing, It requires strong planning to implement the process according to the needs, because in manufacturing there are many big appliances that will be used.

To manage every mechanism perfectly, odoo has a built-in appropriate integration between all mentioned operations.

With odoo planning, the Engineering team can manage the flow of product life with diagrams, charts, patterns, designs, etc. For that no need to manage the external software odoo provides simple integrations with them and also provides here, some ready-to-use workflows available which can be modified as per needs.

After planning,  Needs a very strong implementation process with cost efficiency and time-saving. In applying practically part, odoo has manufacturing pursuits available where the planning leads to implementation.

For the PLM process, odoo has many suitable solutions available which will be directly used or with change as per planning.

Odoo has BOM with all the necessary needs of customers like their parameters of measurement, height, weight, cost, time, operations to complete the process, etc.

Here, operations-related details will be managed, and in case of queries or updates, their process-related employees and users can raise issues within a process.

For BOM, we need an appropriate stock and purchase of raw materials. While all other things planned then why not this one! Odoo has inventory management directly connected to the BOM, so that while any products need to fulfil required quantities for manufacturing then inventory shows their outcome. If enough stocks are unavailable, then it'll purchase that amount of needs from direct manufacturing itself.

That's quite an easy right!  To manage raw product stocks as per the requirements.

Odoo has simple kanban views to manage the quality assurance of newly born products. Quality officers/users can easily drag & drop every single product/process from configured states. The quality check’s control panel and their related alerts are configured as per requirements.

Odoo maintenance will play an important role in the manufacturing department. Many times mechanisms, products, units, or any special machines or types of equipment need maintenance within manufacturing or after and before manufacturing, that process also needs cost and times which will indirectly affect the whole process so, that also managed by odoo here.

Odoo simply manages supply chains for the product transfer internally or externally within or outside of the warehouse with their lots and serial numbers so, every quantity of the product is highly managed. In odoo some pre-defined routes are available for each warehouse’s locations so, any new members can easily match up with odoo.

Manufacturing-related employees’ work orders, job cards, job sheets, and worksheets are easily defined as workflow and priorities.

In the latest odoo version, customers can manage their subcontracts and their related tasks too with their schedules and their accounts.

Odoo Manufacturing can connect with accounts of vendors, employees, payroll, maintenance staff, subcontractors, transport services, packaging department, etc so, at the end of the process, Odoo users have actual knowledge of costs of the product, the margin on those products, taxes on those products.

From the odoo manufacturing department, new product stocks are directly transferred to customer location, factory location, warehouse location, or in another company’s location with odoo automatic stock move functionalities.

After the final outcome of the product from the manufacturing department, there are always left some large amounts of scraps, which are not negligible. The scrap is just not used as part of the products, it’s important too for Manufacturing units that also need to manage well in the same or different location. Odoo takes very good care of your scrap unit too.

With odoo manufacturing, users can automate their Planning, Designing, Implementation, Quality assurance, Maintenance, Routings, Cost defining, Scrap managing, accounting, etc.



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